H.B. Thal

Los Angeles based composer


1 year ago today my husband Caleb and I moved to Los Angeles. So far it has been a very strange mix of feeling fresh off the boat, yet more at home than we've ever felt. The credit for our quick adapting goes to Soma (our church) for embracing us as family from day 1.

There is so much happening all the time in LA. It was difficult to get used to not being able to go to every event, concert, and social outing at first because there is just too much happening to be able to do it all. I thought I would share some of my LA highlights for year one. 

5. Celeb sitings- because let's face it, no matter what that is fun. Favorites have been Jerry Seinfeld, Reese Witherspoon, Ian Somerhalder, Ellen Degeneres (on her show)and Sam Jaeger.

4. Star Wars- just the release of this movie was a highlight of my first year in LA and getting to see it with Ali Lowndes (friendship highlight) who worked on the film was very special.

3. Studios- every couple weeks in the 3 quarters I've been at UCLA we get to go to the recording studio. We use players who have played on some of the best scores ever. Being in real studios with such incredible players has been such an treat. I look forward to getting to do much more down the road. 

2. Star Trek Live with Score- early on in our arrival I got to attend this event that included a Q&A with Michael Giacchino and a little encore medley from "Inside Out". It was a night I'll never forget.

1. Lunch at Bad Robot- Thanks to one of my bests, I had the privilege of going to my favorite production house for lunch and sharing the meal with the Music Supervisor, Charles Scott. The whole place was more inspiring than I could have ever imagined. As many of you know, my appreciation for the work that has come out of Bad Robot is extremely deep rooted and it was an incredibly fulfilling moment.

A big adjustment to life as an artist in LA, is embracing myself as an artist. Why does it feel like someone needs to give us permission in order to actually be ok with calling yourself that? Maybe it is just me. Being in a city where there are so many self-proclaimed artists has actually been so wonderful. There are so many ideas all around us just waiting to be fleshed out and opportunities to collaborate. Because many people living in LA have sacrificed being close to family and living a much more comfortable suburban life to pursue something they are passionate about it has been really easy to relate and bond with so many people.  

Here is to year number 2!


In the future this space is going to be used much more to talk composing. I would love to open up the dialogue of being a woman in this industry, and valuable things I learn on this journey. I wanted to get one "journal entry" in before I dive into all the music stuff. Thanks for reading.