H.B. Thal

Los Angeles based composer

Cat's Outta the Bag

Over the past year since I've graduated from UCLA I've been working on various project. I haven't been able to share much as these projects are still getting final touches- or doing the festival circuits. One of these projects is a short film called "Cats Outta the Bag" which has WON Best Comedic Short at the IFS Festival and has received several nominations for the LA Live Film Festival (see poster below). On May 10th we get to watch the film at the Grove Theatre in Los Angeles. 



I have to say that being in LA and out of school has made me realize how hard it can be to keep moving. This moment of getting to see a film I worked on have its moment in the spotlight is really rewarding. You have to savor these moments when you're on that uphill climb. Thank you to the team at Red Jasper for allowing me to be apart of this project!