H.B. Thal

Los Angeles based composer

10.16.16 Character Studies EP 

This EP started as an idea to write some original songs that were less personal. It started as a writing exercise for myself: Take a character from a TV show that I really feel like I understand, and write a song from their perspective. After writing one it turned into another, and so on.  At some point I decided to give myself a deadline, plan a release show, mix it all myself, and tell my friends. This EP was done in one month, written, performed, and mixed by myself with lots of guidance and a couple live instruments- not played by myself- to credit. Click the image to listen/purchase.



The Bieber Project is a project I put together in the beginning of 2016. I, with the help of several others, re-imagined and re-arranged 3 songs off of Justin Bieber's newest album "Purpose". Thanks to a small GoFundMe and my talented friends we were able to rehearse and record these live in my studio apartment in Los Angeles over 2 days.